Hardcore BDSM: Ravaged

What does Ravaged mean to Elise Graves? It means hard bondage, intense discipline and incredible orgasms…

Bondage Torture: Glass Injection

Whatever it takes to get Wenona off, Elise Graves is going to make sure it gets done. But it is definitely going to have its price…

HardTied: Wet Wrapped

Before Marina gets wet and clean we make sure she feels nice and dirty. Her sexy latex outfit makes the perfect holster for our vibrator…

Hard Bondage: Hazel Makes Her Wishlist

Sister Dee has repay and wants to meet the fresh slut on the hinder. That would be Hazel Hypnotic, who is all also ready to sit and talk.

Hardtied BDSM: Iona Without Any Grace

Iona Grace is an unrepentant slut. It is just who she is. There’s no cure for wanting her holes full 24/7 except to have it happen.

Hardtied BDSM: Ashley Graham Squirts Everywhere

Ashley Graham makes a mess every time she cums. It isn’t just that she squirts. She cums affection a fountain. Soon her odour will be everywhere. It smells enjoy sex and wanton lust.

Hardtied BDSM: Nicki Is Travelling Entertainment

The radio may be busted for their road trip but SD and PD can get some excellent sounds out of Nicki Blue with the a bit of electricity.

Hard Bondage:Ashley Repents Her Blasphemy

Earlier Ashley Graham made a terrible mistake and she is still suffering for it. She called out for god and now he is giving it to her. He decided to find a bible and put the fear of god back into her.

Hard Bondage: Sybil Gets Bleary Eyed

Tight bondage is what makes Sybil Hawthorne hot. She loves the feeling of rope against her skin. It is rough, sure, but somehow still soft.