Hardcore BDSM: Ravaged

What does Ravaged mean to Elise Graves? It means hard bondage, intense discipline and incredible orgasms…

Bondage Torture: Glass Injection

Whatever it takes to get Wenona off, Elise Graves is going to make sure it gets done. But it is definitely going to have its price…

Hardtied BDSM: Elise Graves Goes Camping

Elise Graves decided that for her trip to the farm with PD she wanted to gain the total BDSM training. That means rigorous bondage. It means life treated affection a abundance of meat, to be stripped, cleaned and devoured.

Hardtied: Elise Gets Fucked With

Elise is suspended from her stomach in a hogtie and she has a sense that things are around to gain fucked up. PD is affection a dog with a bone.

Hard Bondage: Elise Uses Her Mouth

Elise Graves is worthy with her mouth. She knows how to suck a cock and she moans so prettily whenever PD decides he wants to harm her a grain.