Bondage Torture: Glass Injection

Whatever it takes to get Wenona off, Elise Graves is going to make sure it gets done. But it is definitely going to have its price…

Hardtied: Katharine Cane Loves Screaming

The one part PD likes more than a young slut who knows how to scream is one who knows how to suck his dick, as well. Katharine Cane fits.

Hard Bondage: Hazel Makes Her Wishlist

Sister Dee has repay and wants to meet the fresh slut on the hinder. That would be Hazel Hypnotic, who is all also ready to sit and talk.

Bondage Torture: Juliette the Pretty Liar

A slut affection Juliette Black is only satisfactory for the holes in her object. She needs to be taught that if she’s going to ever please a male.

Hardtied BDSM: Cumming on Juliette March

Juliette March loves making men delighted. What higher quality process for her to display her dedication than to suck PD off love her existence depends on it.

Hard Bondage: Alexxa Loves Getting Spread

Alexxa Bound describes herself as perpetually damp. It is true. She’s dripping from the second PD has her in bondage. It makes her straightforward.

Hardtied BDSM: Dixon Tours Our Offices

Dixon Mason is getting a tour of some ancient offices with PD. She’ll not be competent to catch in still of the view from her position; face down. The carpet reeks of god knows what.

Lesbian BDSM: Cheyenne Jewel in Denial

It first it might be confusing for Cheyenne Jewel. She knows she should be frightened of Claire Adams however she can’t support on the contrary be aroused.

Hardtied: Juliette Learns to Yield

What starts as a good manage through the nation is going to stop as anything on the contrary. Juliette Black is young nevertheless she’s not sightless.